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integrated management system

Integrated Management System of AUSTIS includes quality management, environmental management and the management of occupational safety and health.

The mission of AUSTIS is to fully satisfy the needs and desires of customers for continual improvement of product quality, maintaining standards of service and advice, ensuring long-term prosperity. Our goal is always to produce and offer quality products and services, meeting the needs of both current and future customers, thus retaining our business and reputation in the market.

We are a Czech company and our continuous improvement we see as being essential to the success in the domestic market.

The key to achieving the objectives of the QMS, EMS and OHS production of top quality products, services and a path to lasting prosperity, we see the continuous optimization of all business processes and systematic reduction of losses from claims.

Our employees are actively involved in addressing issues of quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and health in the workplace. We support the upgrading of skills and expertise that are essential to ensure consistency, reliability, security and quality of products and services.

Our suppliers and customers work as our partners. We are ready to build a cooperative, mutually beneficial relationship based on a shared commitment to continual quality improvement, taking into account market developments and new trends. We advocate the use of modern technologies in production processes and a constant endeavoring to innovate.

We look, we assess and evaluate occupational hazards, inform the employee and take measures to protect them. We flexibly respond to changes in legislation, reflect new expertise, technological developments and changes in requirements relating to areas of our business.

We place an emphasis on a proactive approach to environmental protection, the prevention of pollution, by focusing on the principles of safety and security in our manufacturing processes.

We always begin with the principle of continuous improvement. We strive to develop, improve, and perfect our integrated management system.