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our activities

building chemicals

We produce water-based paints, varnishes, the stains ETERNAL, systems for coating metal, fiber, asphalt roofing, the waterproofing systems for flat and pitched roofs: SANAKRYL, the waterproof sealant FORTISOL and FORTE BAK.

property management

We provide property management for housing associations, private owners of residential units, and the public sector in a comprehensive range of services. Our years of experience in managing real estate projects allows us to offer services to large development companies who use our knowledge and experience also in the technical management of commercial and industrial buildings, for which we provide property and facility management.

construction work

We provide construction of civil and industrial construction through civil engineering. We specialize in the refurbishment of existing buildings and complexes, and carry out the construction of new "turnkey" buildings. We are a reliable supplier for the restoration of building insulation, thanks to the implementation of our own certified external thermal insulation composite system SANATHERM, as well as offering contractor engineering, design and consulting services, including the coordination of health and safety at work on a building.