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range of activities

Housing Management in private ownership

- Homeowners Associations (OA)

- Housing Associations (BD)

We provide management such as for those emerging from the condominium development projects, like  OA and BD, which were  privatized housing in some city sections of Prague. This is a different form of legal entity.

Since 1992, the Czech Republic has privatized a large number of residential buildings. Usually the owner of the house became a housing association, founded by tenants. The housing cooperatives, which pay the purchase price to the original owner of the house, the members often require the transfer of housing to private ownership, which is associated with the emergence of unit owners.

We carry out the establishment of an association in the presence of a notary, including the preparation and distribution of invitations, preparation of statutes, preparation and completion of voting documents for registration in the commercial register.

Housing Management in the public sector

- Housing fund city sections. City ​​of Prague

We provide management of the housing fund for Prague: City districts 1, 2, 6, 8 and 10 of a total of about 8,000 units. In some parts of Prague the next phase is underway of the ongoing privatization of the housing fund, through the sale of housing units to authorized tenants. Each district has its own rules for these procedures for the sale of residential buildings.

Under the framework for the housing privatization fund, we offer advice and also manage all the steps involved. Once the tenant has filed for a stake in the CN, it follows the cancelation of the rent, the bill put retroactively to the date of application for investment and the creation of new legislation objected by hiring a plus "repair fund" and an administrative fee. We provide your total financial settlement with the CD and transfers for the period between the writing of the purchase agreement to the condominium registration in the Commercial Register.

Facility management

Our business is to provide our clients with comprehensive property management with regard to their needs and requirements. The main objective is to provide all services related to real estate and problems related to it, including cost reduction and quality improvement. In addition to bookkeeping, transcription, backups and technical management services also include e.g. cleaning, security, home business, emergency services, gardening services, etc. All these activities, that our company is able to provide, optimize costs and provides comfort. Clients will provide all administrative and technical activities that are necessary to ensure smooth operation.

Technical management of buildings and centers

The focus of the business is this area is focused on maintenance of the building/office complex, shopping center, warehouse or manufacturing space complex. For our clients, we provide professional services for building equipment, regular inspections and checks. We carry out regular inspections of selected technical equipment, which are based on the claims provided by Czech legislation such as the inspection of electrical appliances and high-voltage systems, emergency lighting, gas pipes and appliances, conductors, chimneys, fire extinguishers, pressure vessels, lifting equipment etc.

In ensuring this activity, we are able to provide electrical, plumbing, heating, metalworking, construction, carpentry, painting and decorating. Repair and installation of flooring, paving and the installation of plasterboard construction.

We provide an optimized economy of operation, preventive maintenance, repair and inspection of these facilities:

  • equipment for the production of heat - heat, gas, electricity
  • ventilation - air handling units, fans, filters, separators
  • Refrigeration - Refrigeration and air conditioning units and systems
  • electrical wiring and appliances, lighting systems, alternative sources of energy
  • fire and security equipment (EPS, EZS)
  • camera systems (CCTV), radio systems and time
  • hoists, cranes, lifts, escalators and travelators
  • active and passive conductors, chimneys
  • fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, and sprinkler systems
  • automatic door sensors and systems
  • Compressors and treatment of compressed air, pressure vessels
  • sewage treatment plants, fat and oil

Property management

We provide a range of services related to administration, economy and above all operational and technical service managed object.

  • All the technical operations including preventive services
  • daily maintenance
  • traffic management
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Professional cleaning services
  • managing repairs arrangement of inspection documents